👋🏻 I'm Simon Tomes, a white cis male who lives in Greater London with my lovely wife, Emma, and our two brilliant kids, Betsy and Freddie.

I also happen to be a software tester with the privilege of 18 years as a testing professional. I'm super grateful for that time.

I've led teams of testers, QA engineers, developers and coached and mentored all sorts of folks in the process. In the mix of all that I've been an agile coach, scrum master and delivery manager.

I'll always be a tester yet right now it's time for me to try something completely different: land a community manager job by July 2021 sharing everything on the journey. UPDATE: I landed my first Community Manager job working with the lovely Ministry of Testing community. 😃

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📩 Feel free to message me: hello at simontomes dot blog.

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