Event Idea Experiment: AMA Roulette

Title – AMA Roulette

Problem statement to address“I would like to get to know people in the community yet it’s not always easy to do so. I wish I could dig a little deeper in what others have to say on topics that are important to them.”

What – A moderately quick-fire way for a small group of people to get to know each other whilst others listen in.

Why – Ask Me Anything’s (AMA) are a great way to keep an agenda open and to see what’s important to both the people asking questions and the person answering the questions. They are typically engaging and reveal lots of useful information. The current AMA format can sometimes feel a bit tired.


  1. Anyone can register for the 60-minute event

  2. Four speakers are randomly selected by the host at the start of the event (everyone must sign a waiver that they agree to the chance that they might come on stage if they attend)

  3. Every speaker takes 15 minutes each to answer questions from the other three

  4. The rest of the attendees listen in

  5. The host keeps time and encourages group note-taking

Where – Online and not recorded, to encourage live attendance

When – Once a week on a Wednesday at 11am

Who – People who prefer smaller more intimate chats with others and aren’t looking to learn a specific topic.

Orbit Level to target – Level 3 - Participating, Level 2 - Contributing, Level 1 - Building

Tooling OptionsButter or Crowdcast

Pro or Open to All – Open to All

Cost – low

Assumption – People are willing to accept the chance and surprise of coming on stage to interact with three other people. And if they don’t get to do that they’ll still enjoy the hour of questions and answers.

Experiment – We host a 4x AMA Roulette’s.


  • At least 15 attendees

  • Buzz on social and other platforms

  • Someone shares notes on what they learnt, as a blog post or article on our platform


Size – Small

Estimated effort to get live – 1 days

Actual effort to get live (approx)

Alternative ideas inspired by this one-pager

  • Roulette (randomise) the day and time each week to provide variety and choice.

This is an example of an Event Idea Experiment One-Pager. Read A Useful Template for Exploring Event Ideas for a description of why and how to use it.