Event Idea Experiment: The Daily Question

Title – The Daily Question

Problem statement to address“I don’t find it easy to understand what someone thinks about a particular topic relevant to our community. I would also like to share my thoughts beyond a blog post or tweet reply. I don’t currently have a way to dig deeper into a topic on a 1-2-1 basis to hopefully start more of a conversation across the community.”

What – A 5 minute pre-recorded audio of a chat of someone in the community answering a social question.

Why – The social questions we ask the community are popular and we get good interaction on Twitter and LinkedIn. Questions should ideally create deeper discussion and sometimes it seems social questions don’t go deep enough.


  1. We create calendly slots for someone to book in a time (once per day)

  2. Someone joins the session and is asked the question on the call - they don’t have a prior view of the question

  3. The host and guest explore the question together

  4. Create a series of daily questions and add to them each weekday

Where – Online, pre-recorded

When – Recorded every weekday at the same time, published every weekday at the same time.

Who – Anyone open to answering a social question who is up for going deeper into a topic.

Orbit Level to target – Level 3 - Participating, Level 2 - Contributing

Tooling OptionsCalendly and podcasting hosting/publishing tools

Pro or Open to All – Open to All

Cost – low

Assumption – People have something to say and they want to do it on their own terms and in a very simple and quick way. They are comfortable with not knowing what the question will be. They are happy for their voice to be heard and shared across platforms.


  1. We set this up and run it for two weeks (10 recordings)

  2. Social post each published recording to start a social question thread on Twitter & LinkedIn


  • At least 5 sessions are recorded, published, and shared (we accept that they’ll be 5 no-shows or problems)

  • 3 retweets and 10 likes per recording

  • At least 10 replies per tweet

  • At least 10 likes per recording on LinkedIn


Size – Small

Estimated effort to get live – 2 days

Actual effort to get live (approx)

Alternative ideas inspired by this one-pager

  • Publish the list of questions on each Calendly event so people can pick and choose which question they want to answer in advance.

  • Complete this statement and/or answer this question.

This is an example of an Event Idea Experiment One-Pager. Read A Useful Template for Exploring Event Ideas for a description of why and how to use it.