Event Idea Experiment: Twitter Spaces

Title – Twitter Spaces

Problem statement to address“I wanna easily discuss something with others, or even just listen in to what others have to say. However, I can’t commit to planning to do this well in advance, I wish I could just jump on a call and chat something over. I use Twitter a lot.”

What – A max one-day in advance audio-only Twitter space from the Community Twitter Account to chat about any topic related to the community. Topics come from observing themes emerging from Twitter.

Why – Chat moves fast on Twitter and it can help to give the community an opportunity to explore a topic with others using a medium other than text via an event that doesn’t have to be scheduled well in advance. Voice gives people a chance to speak up (literally) about something they have a comment on. It also encourages people to listen and learn. The ad-hoc nature of Twitter Spaces could make it more accessible.


  1. We keep an eye on Twitter conversations and spot emerging themes/hot topics

  2. We schedule a Twitter Spaces session - with a topic of discussion name - to happen within 24 hours, it could be in the next hour or sometime later or tomorrow. Yet no more than one day in advance. Aim to run each for up to an hour

  3. We co-host the Twitter Spaces

  4. The intro always sets expectations and Code of Conduct reminder

  5. The Twitter Spaces are not recorded

Where – Twitter

When – They can happen whenever. Organised no greater than one day in advance

Who – Anyone on Twitter who is open to listening in or getting up on stage during a Twitter Spaces

Orbit Level to target – Level 3 - Participating, Level 2 - Contributing, Level 1 - Building

Tooling Options – Twitter

Pro or Open to All – Open to All

Cost – low

Assumption – The part of the community that hangs out on Twitter wants to chat about topics in an accessible way without worrying too much about planning to join something well in advance. They welcome the ad-hoc nature of the conversation. The community doesn’t want a recording if they miss it, instead, they just want to join the next one if the topic resonates with them.

Experiment – We spend approximately 4 weeks creating at least 8 Twitter Spaces on whatever topics we spot are worth a conversation.


  • At least 10 listeners per Twitter Space

  • At least 2 people join the stage to share their thoughts

  • At least 3 retweets per Twitter Space announcement (before and during)

  • At least 2 tweets from the community about each Twitter Space, after the event, has finished

  • Someone in the community approaches us to tell us they would like us to host a Twitter Spaces on a specific topic and they’d be there to appear on stage and help lead the conversation


Size – Extra-small

Estimated effort to get live – 0.5 days

Actual effort to get live (approx)

Alternative ideas inspired by this one-pager

  • Host a voice-only stage event on Discord

  • Limit the Spaces time to 15 to 30 minutes instead of 60 minutes, run them more often, twice a day

This is an example of an Event Idea Experiment One-Pager. Read A Useful Template for Exploring Event Ideas for a description of why and how to use it.