Your role in a community

Your role in a community isn't defined by the number of followers you have or how many talks you do or the events or meet-ups you speak at or host. Or how often you publish a blog post or the number of things you reply to on all the various platforms.

Yes, those things matter. And if you don't do any of that you might feel overwhelmed by all the stuff going on. You might ask "How do they know that?", "How are they so confident?", "Where do they find the time to do that stuff?"

How you learn, engage, and connect on your own terms is what I think really matters. You might feel like you're not "contributing all the time" yet I reassure you that you are.

Help someone once and it could change their career. Lift someone up, point someone in the right direction or ask a question.

These are the things that build connections and spark moments that allow co-creation to happen within a community.

When we're human, we are real. And this shared human condition allows us to look out for each other.

You be you and we learn from each other. And that's the power of a healthy community.

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Photo by "My Life Through A Lens" on Unsplash